WATCH: #LessOilMoreWater, Amazon Communities Are Banding Together to Demand Clean Water

An ambitious project to clean up what Big Oil ruined.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Zappalorto / Shutterstock.com

As Alexander Zaitchik reported earlier this week, Big Oil has been polluting the usually lush Amazon forests for decades. Oil companies, Zaitchik writes, "spilled billions of barrels of crude and related pollutants in the rivers and forests of the Upper Amazon." It's particularly dire in Ecuador and Peru, where "traditionally abundant groundwater sources—rivers, streams, and lagoons—are contaminated beyond use." 

Now, a newly created indigenous organization, the Ceibo Alliance, is partnering with NGO Amazon Frontlines to create new, clean water systems across the region. They just celebrated their 1,000th, which will "provide clean water to more than 1,000 families in 72 communities across five million acres of critically threatened primary forest."

Watch a short film on their progress below, and read Alexander Zaitchik's report here

#LessOilMoreWater in the Amazon from Amazon Frontlines on Vimeo.

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Ilana Novick is an AlterNet contributing writer and production editor.