Incredible Infographic Shows How We Have Ruined Our Oceans — and Ourselves as a Result

From plastic trash and discarded fishing gear to oil spills and pesticide runoff, human beings have treated the oceans as a vast dumping ground.

Photo Credit: Fotos593/Shutterstock.com

The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth's water. But they remain largely a mystery to us. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, less than five percent of the world's oceans have been explored. It has often been said that we know more about the moon than we do the oceans. 

But one thing we do know about the oceans is that they are getting more and more polluted. From plastic trash and discarded fishing gear to oil spills and pesticide runoff, human beings have treated the oceans as a vast dumping ground. As a result, marine life is dying and oceanic ecosystems have been put at risk. 

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As famed oceanographer and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau once observed, "We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one." Thus, if we destroy the oceans, we destroy ourselves. 

Check out this eye-opening infographic by online scuba diving magazing Dive.in to find out exactly how we are affected by all the ocean pollution we have created.


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