Hurricane Harvey 'Toxic Soup' Contains E. Coli, Heavy Metals

Coastal residents must now contend with a number of poisonous chemicals and pathogens.

Coastal residents are facing an increase in poisonous chemicals and pathogens in Harvey's wake.
Photo Credit: Democracy Now!

In Texas, floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey that inundated Houston and other coastal cities last month created a "toxic soup" of poisonous chemicals and pathogens.

That’s according to a New York Times investigation which found levels of E. coli at levels ranging from four times to 135 times the amount considered to be safe.

Researchers also found floodwaters contained high levels of heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.

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Hurricane Harvey dropped a record-shattering 50 inches of rain around Houston, swamping sewage systems and flooding Superfund sites, petrochemical plants and oil refineries. 

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