The End-Times Politics of Pastor John Hagee

Christian Zionist pastors like Hagee use any and all overseas conflicts to feed the ever-present fear and hatred of Muslims.

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While America wrestles with how to deal with the dangerous developments in Syria, while we try to make sense of the turmoil in Egypt and what it may portend, while we struggle with the heightened danger that recent events in Mali pose, Christian Zionist pastors such as John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas use any and all of these conflicts to feed the ever-present fear and hatred of Muslims, their ultimate goal being to accelerate the end of the world as “foretold” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

On the Sunday after the attacks on the Libyan embassy, Hagee, flanked by Israeli and American flags, stood before national television cameras to reinforce what his end-times hungry congregation already believes:President Obama does not stand with Israel, but apologizes to terrorists. Iran is the evil that must be stopped. And the biblically proscribed Israeli territories were given to the Hebrews six thousand years ago by God, so who is Barack Hussein Obama to suggest that Israel cede even a single centimeter of land to her enemy?

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Since 2006, when Hagee founded Christians United for Israel (CUFI,) the largest biblically based, pro-Israel lobbying group in the United States, the question Jews should have been grappling with is, In what world does impeding Mideast peace qualify as being pro-Israel? This year when President Obama nominated Chuck Hagel to become his Secretary of Defense, Hagee once again used his CUFI megaphone to call on his followers to oppose Hagel, the meaning behind his message being, A Secretary of State Hagel may well seek peace at Israel’s expense and as Christians standing for Zion,it is our duty to ensure that there shalt never be an exchange of Israeli territory that defies biblical mandate. 

This past Monday, January 28, 2013, 400 CUFI devotees visited Washington on an all expenses paid CUFI-financed junket to hear Senator John Cornyn inveigh against the Hagel nomination, after which they fanned out to share their Zion-led anti-Hagel views with their congressional representatives. Conjoining this deadly and dead-serious pro-Zion End Times fervor with the ever present threat of primarying candidates from future office makes up what can only be called End Times Politics.


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