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White Progressives Could Have These Conversations Over the Thanksgiving Table

A PBS NewsHour primer on civility this holiday featured AlterNet writer Kali Holloway.

Kali Holloway
Photo Credit: YouTube

To finish off its night-before-Thanksgiving show, the PBS NewsHour featured a sort of roundtable of talking heads discussing how to handle politics and conversation with family given the recent atrocity of an election. The spot featured an array of commentators, from NewsHour's David Brooks, who actually got off a good joke, to outspoken undocumented immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas, who is brilliant. It also featured conservative radio host Steve Deace, who more or less spoke gibberish, and AlterNet senior writer Kali Holloway, who made a heck of a lot of sense. (Just as she has done here, here and here. And that's just recently.)

"Listening is a radical act," Vargas said.

"We as a country are notoriously bad at having these conversations," Holloway suggested.

David Brooks recommended breaking the political ice by first talking about "things you have always resented" about your family members.

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus suggested shoving pie into people's faces or talking about sports, while Holloway suggested something more substantive: "I would encourage white people to go home and have these conversations. Don't just have them in your echo chamber." Another good idea: "Talk about how [Trump] affects you personally; talk about how it affects your friends of color."


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