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WATCH: Larry Wilmore's Definitive Trump Takedown: 'You're Just Lying'

The Nightly Show host asks the Trump campaign, 'How stupid do you think we are?'

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

The Trump campaign's ridiculous spin on the Donald's meeting with 100 black pastors was the perfect take-off point for "The Nightly Show" host's epic takedown of the Republican frontrunner's latest pack of lies.

“How many of these black pastors — or ‘blastors,’ how many of these blastors endorsed him?” Wilmore wondered. “I’m saying 85, 75 on a bad day.” In the end, the number was more like three. “OK, three black endorsements? ‘Blendorsments?’ That’s not bad. Three black endorsements out of 42 million black people ... carry the Omarosa …Wow! Man, he’s got a ways to go, guys."

Trump is the consummate salesman, Wilmore said, but by the end of the segment, it was clear that "salesman" is another way of saying "liar." One bit of snake oil Trump is selling is that he has "a great relationship with the blacks." Another is that he has "the world's greatest memory," and hence is never ever wrong or mistaken.

That's the kind of logic that spun Trump's blatant mockery of a disabled New York Times reporter and then his denial that he had mocked him or that the two men had ever even met. This is odd because, again, Trump has "the world's greatest memory."

When Trump's absurd spokesman told CNN's Jake Tapper that Trump has a "fantastic memory," and has never said anything "inaccurate," Tapper just lost it. "Seriously?" he asked, barely suppressing a laugh.

“Oh my God, you people are just lying,” Wilmore said. “I mean, that is a lie. How stupid do you think we are? Look, if somebody accuses me of making fun of blind people, my excuse can’t be, ‘ya know my neck started hurting so I started moving it like this, and it got kinda bright in there so I put some shades on…."

Watch Wilmore's brilliant "unblackening" segment:

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
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