Election 2016

WATCH: Jon Stewart's Comedy-Gasm Over Donald Trump's Run for President

"America's id running for president."

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Donald Trump gave Jon Stewart the best going away present ever with his utterly absurd announcement that the cartoonish billionaire developer is running for president.

"America's id is running for president," Jon Stewart said. "Trump is the part of your brain that says let's go take a shit in the mailbox at 3 a.m."

While Jon Stewart and his entire team was having a comedy-gasm, tape rolled of Trump's speech. "I'm so rich....I just sold an apartment for $15 million dollars to a Chinese man . . .," racist shit about Mexicans. It defies belief, really, what this clown lets fly from his drooling mouth.

"Donald Trump is putting me in a comedy hospice," Stewart said of his last six weeks on the show. "It's like morphine all day long."

Almost, but not quite as tin-eared, Jeb Bush is pretty bad, too.


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