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WATCH: Colbert Skewers Trump's Misspellings, Rubio's Lowbrow Humor and Hillary's Cat

Rubio is losing all the key Florida demographics, 'the elderly, the furries, and guys in jean jackets who sell pool noodles out of a van.'

Photo Credit: The Late Show/YouTube

On Super Tuesday, Donald Trump's grand victory was to be expected, while Hillary Clinton's Southern firewall came through. Apparently though, all the secrets to a Clinton takedown may be in her book, or so some hardline Bernie supporters hope. 
"It has been wildly reported that there has been solid photographic proof, linking Hillary Clinton to a known terrorist organization," jokes Stephen Colbert, host of "The Late Show."
An editor at Politico was tipped off that in Hillary Clinton's book, Living History, Hillary included a picture of her family's cat in 1959 — Isis." Of course, "Both ISIS and cats have flooded the Internet with recruitment videos," Colbert explains. 
The guy establishment Republicans are counting on to take Trump down is Marco Rubio, who trailed behind Trump in every Super Tuesday race but Minnesota (which he won) and is even behind Trump in his home state of Florida by almost 20 points.
"He's losing all the key Florida demographics," explained Colbert. "The elderly, the furries, and guys in jean jackets who sell pool noodles out of a van." Oh, Florida. Though Rubio had his first win of the night in Minnesota, both parties can agree that it's too little, too late.
Watch Colbert skewer the winners and losers of Super Tuesday: 

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