Election 2016

WATCH: Bill Maher Rips 'Andrew Dice Trump' With Foul-Mouthed Future State of the Union

The Late Show host envisions our dystopian future.

Friday night in his new rules segment, Bill Maher imagined a future hell no one is prepared for yet. The joke has become a reality over the past few weeks as it's increasingly looking like Donald Trump willl become the GOP nomineee and possibly (gasp!) the president of the United States. 

But what would this entail? After mocking Trump for his blatant hypocrisy about the naughty word Mexican preisdent Vicente Fox used to describe Trump's beloved fanciful wall, Maher envisioned what a potential Trump SOTU would look like.

"The state of our union is fucking awesome," Maher-as-Trump proclaimed. "Inflation has been kicked in the taint, we are job creating jobs like a mother fucker and our deficit is shrinking like a cock on a cold morning."

"But too many families feel like they're taking it in the ass—and that shit needs to stop," President Andrew Dice Trump boldly proclaimed.

Maher would also send up those silly call-outs to average Americans in the audience with sappy stories of overcoming adversity. Only in his future universe, ordinary Americans ended up with husbands who died from a lack of safety regulations and giving out "tug jobs" in truckstop parking lots.

Watch below to see your future hell: