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The Trump Supporters Hate Map: Tracing Acts of Harrassment and Violence at Rallies from Coast to Coast

The candidate yells and his supporters act out.

Photo Credit: AmericasVoice.org

Everyone knows that Donald Trump likes to lift himself up by putting others down and viciously attacking people. But Trump has also encouraged his supporters at rallies to get aggressive and violent with protesters in their midst. This has led to incidents across the country in which Trump supporters have targeted minorities, and similar behavior has emerged beyond campaign rally sites.

America’s Voice, a pro-immigration reform group that seeks a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented migrants in the U.S., has mapped these recent violent outbursts at Trump rallies and across the U.S. (photo below). They have occurred in 19 states, mostly east of the Mississippi River, where 2016 primaries and caucuses have taken place, and in border states.

Here are six examples from the map and the accompanying text of events that have been documented.   

Kansas: Two Muslim and Hispanic students in Kansas are violently attacked by a man who makes racist threats and warns them Donald Trump would win the presidential election. The man calls the students "brown trash" and tells him, "Go home. Trump will win.’” The man also tells the students they had better leave the U.S. As they start calling the police, the man gets back on his motorcycle and circles around them saying, "Trump, Trump, Trump, we will make America great again. You losers will be thrown out of the wall.”

Nevada: At a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Trump supporters gleefully watched as gun control supporters and Black Lives Matter demonstrators were physically dragged out of his event by security. As one man was dragged away, Trump supporters yelled, “Shoot him! Kick his ass,” and “Light the motherf***er on fire!” A large, middle-aged man shouted, “Sieg heil!” (a Nazi salute). “He’s a Muslim!” another man said. “He’s a Muslim!”

Texas: At a Dallas rally for Donald Trump, a Trump supporter took over a microphone connected to loudspeakers and shouted, first in Spanish, then in English, “The Mexicans are the hairs of assh***s. Viva Donald Trump.” The woman then told a female protester, “Clean my hotel room, b**ch.” A man also mocked the protesters, stating, “Somebody press 1 for English.”

Florida: A Trump supporter dragged and proceeded to kick an activist who interrupted the presidential candidate; meanwhile, the pro-Trump crowd proceeded to chant “USA! USA! USA!” as they ripped apart the protester's signs that read “equality.”

South Carolina: Thomas Hill, a high school senior from Georgia, was grabbed and choked by Trump supporters as he held up a sign in protest at a rally in North Augusta, South Carolina.

New Jersey: Officials at a mosque in Jersey City, N.J., report receiving a letter calling Muslims “evil” and telling them to “go back to the desert,” one of a number of hateful messages. The letter references claims Donald Trump made about people in Jersey City celebrating after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America's democracy and voting rights. He is the author of several books on elections and the co-author of Who Controls Our Schools: How Billionaire-Sponsored Privatization Is Destroying Democracy and the Charter School Industry (AlterNet eBook, 2016).

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