Election 2016

'Trump That Bitch' Takes Over as a Favorite Slogan of the Trump Hordes

Trump's supporters are taking the fight to Hillary Clinton in the most offensive way they can.

What a glorious year 2016 is shaping up to be! Finally, political candidates, even party frontrunners, can ignore the finger-wagging PC police and say pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want— no matter how crude, racist, misogynistic, or false the statements may be.

Thankfully, the anti-PC movement has fostered a niche for creative anti-PC keepsakes, and emerging entrepreneurs are satisfying the peoples’ need for political memorabilia that accurately reflects ‘MERICA’s true values. Gotta love capitalism — supply and demand, baby.

Case in point: this darling t-shirt, available outside your local Donald Trump rally, brandishing the ever-so-eloquent slogan, “Trump that Bitch.”

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“That bitch,” of course, refers to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Trump’s presumed opponent come November’s presidential election. But the witty anti-Clinton jargon doesn’t stop there. If “that bitch” doesn’t satisfy your recommended daily value of misogyny, you can always opt for the slightly-more-poetic printed tee that reads, “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica.” Best part of all? A vendor told Huffington Postsenior political reporter Amanda Terkel she can get her thinly-veiled blowjob metaphor shirt in size “sexy.” Hallelujah.

Unsurprisingly, sexist t-shirts aren’t the only hot-button items for sale outside of Trump rallies. Attendees can also peruse scores of confederate flag collectibles and other racist souvenirs.

As Trump continues barreling towards a likely Republican nomination these items have cropped up across the United States. Reporters have come across vendors pushing these mementos outside Trump rallies in New York, Rhode Island, and Indiana. And while none of the off-site Trump paraphernalia is explicitly sanctioned by his campaign, the Republican frontrunner has hardly spoken out against the sexism and misogyny emblazoned upon t-shirts in his honor.

And why should he? As long as Trump can steamroll the competition while simultaneously demeaning women, minorities, the disabled, and prisoners of war, he has no real reason to encourage his doting fans to tone down the rhetoric. Might as well put it on a shirt.

h/t: Fortune

Elizabeth Preza is the Managing Editor of AlterNet. Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.