Election 2016

'Unshackled' Trump Reminds Trevor Noah of the Angry Hulk, Only Worse

Republicans are fleeing Trump 'like cops just showed up at their party.

Photo Credit: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah / YouTube

Many prominent Republicans couldn't get away from Donald Trump fast enough during the fallout from the leaked Hollywood Access tape this weekend revealed the GOP nominee as "the guy you definitely don't want to see in porn," Trevor Noah said Tuesday night on the Daily Show.

"Republicans have been running away from Trump's campaign like cops just showed up at their party," Noah pointed out. After the GOP presidential candidate was caught bragging about sexual assault, not even his careful Chris Christie-led debate preparation could save his plummetting poll numbers, as seen into this week. 

"And Trump is not taking it well," Noah said, referring to Trump going up against House Speaker Paul Ryan who cancelled campaign events with Trump following the tape's release.

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"It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can fight for America the way I want to," Trump tweeted Tuesday.

“I'm sorry, now the shackles are off," asked Noah incredulously.

"You mean the entire time, the shackles were still on? The shackles were still on (Monday), when you said this?” he continued, and proceeded to play clips from a Trump rally, in which the GOP nominee called Bill Clinton a sexual predator and enlisted his supporters to “lock up" his opponent Hillary Clinton, in addition to blasting CNN as "disgraceful."

"That was shackled Trump? You’re already the Hulk, basically,” Noah said. “You can’t go more Hulk than the Hulk.”

“Hulk is like, ‘Now Hulk get really angry,'” Noah said. “What do you mean, you’re already Hulk? ‘No, real Hulk have no pants on. You see balls-out Hulk.’ Oh wow, you mean like Donald Trump? ‘No, no, no — that too far. Hulk opposite of Trump. Hulk hurt buildings, Hulk respect women.'”


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