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Ted Cruz Caught Sending Fake Government Checks to Voters in Texas

Conservative politicians love government handouts—for themselves.

Photo Credit: The Young Turks/YouTube

Voters in Texas have recently begun receiving checks in the mail sent by the Ted Cruz campaign. Unfortunately, the checks aren't for Texans; they're for Ted Cruz. They look official on the outside, but the check is already written out to Cruz for President for $45. Inside is a letter explaining that the campaign has all of these new donors, and if you donate, they will match the donation. So, if you already found the idea of giving Ted Cruz money distasteful, now it's going to be twice as much money. 
Ted Cruz's campaign is already under a great deal of scrutiny over the mailings it sent out in Iowa before the caucus that suggested Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. It also sent out "shaming letters," implying that people haven't been voting enough in recent years, so they should go out and vote for Ted Cruz.
It is not illegal to lie in political campaign messaging, legal experts noted after Cruz's Iowa barrage. However, the sleazy tactic does reflect the candidate's and his campaign's judgment and values.
The Cruz campaign defended both.
"These match-type fundraising mailers are common to both campaign and non-profit solicitations. Our mailer clearly indicates that the contribution is going to the Cruz for President campaign," said Catherine Frazier, campaign spokesperson for Ted Cruz.
That's not clear on the outside. It looks like it's a government check—although Ted Cruz is against government checks.
"Conservative politicians are the biggest recipients of handouts," points out John Iadarola of The Young Turks. "Half of their day is spent calling people for money they haven't earned. Now, maybe when you ask Goldman Sachs or a big oil company for money, you've given them ten times more in the past," but a regular person's just wasting their money. 
WATCH: The full segment on The Young Turks below:

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