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'The Slime Factor Is Overwhelming': Charles Blow Obliterates Charlatan President-Elect Trump

The Times columnist has no intention of just getting along with Trump.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow is very glad he did not have to sit in on the recent interview the paper of record conducted with Donald Trump. It might have actually sickened him. The fact that during the interview, as the Times reported, Trump seemed to backtrack on many of his hard line positions during the campaign, did not in any way impress Blow. He writes in Thursday's column

He seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t seek to prosecute Hillary Clinton. But he should never have said that he was going to do that in the first place.

He seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t encourage the military to use torture. But he should never have said that he would do that in the first place.

He said that he would have an “open mind” on climate change. But that should always have been his position.

You don’t get a pat on the back for ratcheting down from rabid after exploiting that very radicalism to your advantage. Unrepentant opportunism belies a staggering lack of character and caring that can’t simply be vanquished from memory. You did real harm to this country and many of its citizens, and I will never — never — forget that.

Mostly, Blow says, the transcript and audio overwhelmingly reveals just how slimy Trump is. Completely contradicting his long Twitter campaign bashing the "failing New York Times," Trump pumped oily flattery all over the paper at the interview. He called it a "world jewel" and talked about the "tremendous respect" he has for it.

It's just so goddam ridiculous. How short does he think memories are? Blow, for one, has no intention of forgiving and forgetting, and having a polite decorous sitdown with a hideous demagogue who ran on amped up racial, ethnic and religious hostilities. "Let me tell you here where I stand on your 'I hope we can all get along' plea," Blow writes addressing Trump directly. "Never."

Blow has more harsh words for hypocritical Trump who slammed Clinton for things it now appears he did in abundance, including destroying emails in the face of court orders not to, and having so many conflicts of interest they are "popping up like mushrooms in a marsh."

This is one columnist who will never normalize the screamingly abnormal president-elect. Never ever.

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