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Sanders' Speaking Fees Are Nowhere Near Clinton's and He Donates It All to Charity (VIDEO)

Hillary's appeal to consistency did her no favors.

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During Thursday night's town hall in Nevada, when Hillary Clinton was asked (again) if she would share the transcripts from her paid, closed-door speaking gigs, she responded, "when everyone else does." This morning, the Bernie Sanders Twitter account obliged, sharing a video of a Sanders speaking engagement for which the senator was paid $500, a sum he says he donated to charity. 


Former Secretary Clinton has been in hot water lately over her history of taking large speaking fees, namely from Wall Street firms. Goldman Sachs alone paid her $675,000 for three speeches before she announced her run for president last summer. In total, Clinton's speaking fees have netted her and her husband more than $25 million since January 2014. 

Sanders reportedly received $1,867.42 in speaking fees in 2014 and gave all the money to charity. 

At the town hall in Nevada, Clinton was asked by a Sanders supporter about her fees (via Real Clear):

"As a realtor here in Nevada I know how important the economy is to our great nation. As a Democratic candidate who has delivered speeches to the largest U.S. financial institutions in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees, why are you hesitant to release transcript or audio/video recordings of those meetings to be transparent with the American people regarding the promises and assurances that you have made to the big banks?" the man asked Clinton.

"Let me say this, I am happy to release anything I have when everybody else does the same because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Senator Sanders," Clinton responded.

h/t Common Dreams


Adam Johnson is a contributing analyst at FAIR and contributing writer for AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @AdamJohnsonNYC.

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