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Sanders' Populist Message Heading into the New Hampshire Primary: America Needs Revolution

"When the needs of the people filter on up top, we change America," Sanders said.
On Sunday, a crowd of over 1,000 people packed a gymnasium in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to hear Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders speak, just two days before the first primary of the election season. Sanders stressed the need for a powerful political movement to counter the corporate domination of politics. 
"First point I want to make to you is that all of you know is that real change never comes from the top on down. It comes from the bottom on up."
He hammered away on his message of decrying concentrated wealth in the hands of the elite: "The concept of a political revolution is a situation is that you have a relatively small number of people, people on Wall Street, who have literally endless supplies of money. Those people have enormous wealth and enormous power. No president can walk in there and make the changes unless millions of people become engaged in the political process in a way that we have have not seen in a very long time."
He stressed Americans' need to challenge this power to take back their democracy. "When the needs of the people filter on up top, we change America."
"He's speaking the truth," said Mary Down, a New Hampshire resident. "We're all pretty savvy as to how the political process works and we see every single candidate who comes here every four years and we know how to listen and we know how to ask questions and we know how to read between the lines. The Clintons came out of the DLC movement, the right-wing of the Democratic party. My analysis is that the Clintons aren't necessarily the progressive wing of the Democratic party and never have been."
Shayna Henckel-Miller, a Boston college student who plans to vote for Sanders in her state's primary, also weighed in. "Bernie is a better candidate for young people. He looks to the future. And as a feminist, I think that feminism is about all women, not just white, upper-middle-class women. And Bernie is about racial equality, economic equality, LGBT rights and all those women need to be included."
When asked about Gloria Steinem's remark that some women support Sanders in order to meet boys, Henckel-Miller laughed. "I don't think I need to respond to that. I think I'm a pretty educated person. I've been keeping up with what's been going on in this election, these campaigns, and being informed about both candidates and their policies, I agree with Bernie."
WATCH: Real News Network documents Bernie Sanders' latest rally in New Hampshire:

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