Election 2016

Noam Chomsky: Why People Should Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils and Spend 5 Minutes Making the Decision

And that doesn't just apply to presidential elections.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Danger/Flickr

Nearly 100% of likely voters are set on their November 8 presidential pick and the debates won't even start for another month. So, who really is the media fanfare for at this point? After all, as Noam Chomsky points out, the voting decision is really a lot simpler than the pundits have built it up to be. 

When asked about advising general election American voters at the British Academy's Global Perspectives event, Chomsky told the audience: 

"My feeling is that [voting is] a decision but it's the kind of decision that's kind of tenth order. I think it should be made in five minutes... Most of the time it's a very small decision, maybe if you can, you just have to compare the alternatives and see if there is on balance any difference but it doesn't seem to be a fundamental question."

Chomsky had a surprising answer regarding the concept of voting for the "lesser of two evils": 

"Sometimes there's a point in voting like, you know, it could be worse and less worse. It might make a difference and I occasion I sometimes voted for Republicans over Democrats because they were better you know, [though] not in presidential elections."

Chomsky has consistently declared Donald Trump would be a disaster, and urges voters in swing states to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton. 

He also asked the same of Clinton's supporters in 2008. 

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