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Michael Moore: Why the FBI Should Immediately Investigate Donald Trump

"He is intending to blow up the system."

Photo Credit: The Detroit News/Twitter

After reminding viewers that polls have been remarkably steady in an election year riddled with scandals, MSNBC host Chris Hayes interviewed filmmaker Michael Moore, who explained why Trump's "seemingly beyond-the-pale statements" have had little effect on his voters.  

"You said he's like a Molotov cocktail and then Donald Trump tweeted at you, 'I agree, Michael—to all Americans, I see you and hear you. I am your voice. Vote to drain the swamp,'" Hayes reminded Moore. 

Moore's new anti-Trump documentary Michael Moore in Trumpland hit theaters in mid-October, and Trump ironically believes it is pro-Trump propaganda. 

"You know, there's one thing about him; he has no filters, and the fact that he would acknowledge what I'm trying to point out to people, that he is intending to blow up the system, he tweets me, he's a self-acknowledged anarchist... This is something that we need to be very concerned about," Moore insisted.

Moore compared the GOP nominee to a creature from a 1950s science fiction film, who "dips for a second, but then he just gets stronger."

Hayes cracked up, but offered an optimistic perspective for Democrats.

"It's not that he gets stronger; he just returns to a base of support," the host concluded. 

Moore agreed. 

"That's true. What happened with Comey hasn't really picked up any new votes [for Trump, and Clinton] hasn't really lost any," Moore explained, adding that Hillary Clinton really has nothing to do with Anthony Weiner and the reinvestigation was no big game-changer. 

In the long run, Moore is okay with partisanism, but he fears for the future, particularly what comes after the general election. 

"I have strong feelings about the things I believe in ... but we've lost our way in the sense that we can't just have the great debate and then get on with it," pointed out Moore.

Moore reminded Hayes what Trump has alluded will happen if he loses the debate: "He's essentially called for inciting riots, which I think is still against the law... I think the FBI director should be paying [Trump] a visit, asking him, What are you actually intending on November 9th should you lose? What are you telling [people]?" 


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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