Election 2016

Michael Moore Rips Hillary's Health Detractors in a Brilliant Smackdown

Clinton's recent battle with pneumonia promoted a barrage of hateful tweets from Trump supporters.

Michael Moore.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Donald Trump and his surrogates have been pushing the Hillary health conspiracies for weeks. So when the Democratic nominee did fall ill, did the Trump train continue to stir the pot? You bet. According to her campaign, Hillary Clinton has been campaigning despite suffering from allergy-induced walking pneumonia. But unlike her Republican opponent Donald Trump would like voters to believe, nothing else "is going on."

Unfortunately, Clinton's stumble yesterday shortly after departing early from the September 11 memorial service in New York City prompted a new round of smear efforts. Trump supporters ripped Clinton for the episode and their commentary led Michael Moore to come to Clinton's defense.

“All [you] have to do is read the hateful comments about Hillary’s health incident today and then ask yourself, whose America do [you] want to live in?” he tweeted.

It should be noted that Moore is by no means a hardline Hillary Clinton supporter. While he positively portrayed the Democratic nominee in his 2007 film Sicko, he did not support her in either the 2008 or 2016 primaries. 

However, Moore believes Donald Trump deeply threatens civilization, and has compared his potential presidency with the end of the dinosaurs. 

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.