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Why Hillary Clinton's Town Hall Answer About Bringing People Together Was a Total Cop-Out (VIDEO)

But Clinton's political parsing just may work in South Carolina, say the Young Turks.

Photo Credit: CNN/YouTube

Some people thought Bernie may have been off his game in last night's Democratic debate after losing to Hillary Clinton in Nevada.
"I don't think he was off his game, I think each politician brought their show to South Carolina," said Wes Clark Jr. of The Young Turks. "Bernie's show is 'Hey, these are the facts!' and Hillary's like, 'You're all kind of uneducated children, and I'm just going to smile at you and name specific people.'"
Bernie didn't name specific people, but he did talk about the demilitarization of the police and various policy changes he would like to make. Hillary named a lot of people who had been victims of gun violence though she was vague on policy.
The question was specifically about the Beyoncé boycott by the police. Hillary "wants to work this out together." She's on Beyoncé's side, she's on the cops' side. She's a parser who wanted to have it both ways — and that may work in South Carolina. 
"People got to hear whatever they wanted from that answer, and she stretched out the answer long enough that by the end you didn't care," said host Cenk Uygur. "If this Hillary Clinton ran in 2004 she would have slaughtered John Kerry," Uygur claims.
Of course, Hillary Clinton waited until 2008, to run against Barack Obama, which Bernie Sanders skillfully uses to his advantage every time he disagrees with one of Obama's policies.
Watch the full segment below:

...and the Democratic Town Hall in 90 seconds:

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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