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GOP Operative Describes How Trump Can Be Taken Down

"Every once in a while, you get a random event that nobody sees coming. It could be this."

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Donald Trump so far has won the most delegates and the most primaries, a harsh reality for many Americans, including the GOP establishment, which seeks to upset Trump's triumph. But how?

MSNBC asked Ben Ginsberg, a Republican attorney, to explain his strategy to take the party back.

"You gotta do a lot electorally," Ginsberg explained. "Then if you care deeply about where the party goes, you get into the rules a little bit and you learn that 73% of delegates are chosen at state conventions or by state party executive committees with little or no input from the candidate who wins that state. Who the actual delegates are is a product of the state parties for the most part. So they're bound to vote for the presidential candidate on the first ballot." 

Basically, it comes down to:
1) Regrouping
It's no longer about beating Trump; it's about denying him delegates.
2) State by State Organizing
Win the delegates at the convention.  
3) Knowing the Rules of the Convention
… and how to use the rules to your advantage.
4) Maintaining Solidarity
There will be forces aligned with Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. 
5) Taking the Heat for Disenfranchising a Movement
Regardless of popularity with voters, lacking a majority of delegates will be seen as a sign of weakness.
No one is convinced just yet.
Of course, it won't be easy. "What we're talking about is the the equivalent of a triple bank shot," Ginsberg said. "It is one of those things that have never happened in history. But neither have presidential recounts."
But could upsetting this anti-establishment fervor have long-term consequences?
"There's a reason behind this Trump effort," MSNBC host Brian Williams told Ginsberg. "So who's going to go on record for doing this work?"
"I'm not sure," Ginsberg answered.

Watch: How to snag the nomination from Trump:


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