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Donald Trump Just Snubbed the Year’s Biggest Conservative Gathering

Trump will not be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference, which some liberals call "Crazy People Are Coming."

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - MARCH 6, 2014: Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Photo Credit: Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock

Donald Trump has snubbed the biggest conservative confab of the year. Sponsored by the American Conservative Union, the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is already underway outside Washington D.C.

The ACU responded with a brief tweet:



Just minutes after that tweet, Trump’s campaign issued a statement saying the candidate had scheduled a Saturday speech in Wichita, hours before the Kansas caucuses.

With regular attendees like Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, this is the high-profile right-wing gathering where candidates go to win over conservative voters, donors, power brokers, strategists and media.

CPAC bills itself a haven for "regular folks, not liberal elites," while liberals like to say CPAC stands for "Crazy People Are Coming."

Having trouble imagining exactly what it's like at CPAC? Political commentator Keith Olbermann painted a vivid picture of the meeting in 2009:

Imagine a place where an entire ballroom of people cheers when someone makes the repeatedly disproven accusation that the president of the United States is not a citizen — and then laughs when a former ambassador to the U.N. suggests that the same president might learn a valuable lesson if Chicago were to be destroyed by a nuclear device. A place where boxes upon boxes of racist Obama waffles cereal are openly available for sale. That place ... is CPAC.

In the following CPAC clip, Marco Rubio attempts to articulate why America is better than other countries.

This year, CPAC is ground zero for the front-line battle between Trump supporters and establishment Republicans seeking to elect Rubio, Cruz, or maybe even Kasich.

CPAC attendees — who still can't understand why so many "regular people" in America actually vote Democrat — were anticipating Trump's appearance. But apparently, the GOP frontrunner believes he doesn't need the press — or the voters.

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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