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Carl Bernstein Warns of a ‘Neo-Fascist’ Movement and Media Empire if Trump Loses

The Watergate journalist says we have reason to fear, no matter what the election outcome is.

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Famed journalist Carl Bernstein signed on to rumors that Donald Trump is planning on launching a media empire of his own should he lose the November election, adding he fears “a real neo-fascist movement and media empire.”

“I think the most interesting thing going on right now is Trump saying that he may not go along with the results of this election,” Bernstein said in an interview with CNN Thursday. “What does it really mean? It means, I think, he is setting himself up—again, I’m going to go back to that neo-fascist term—of a real neo-fascist movement and media empire.”

Rumors began circling earlier this year that Trump is looking to cash in on his high-profile White House bid by launching his own media network. Trump has railed against the “mainstream media” throughout the entire election, most recently claiming the major outlets are helping to “rig” the election for Hillary Clinton. He has even expressed displeasure with Fox News, which has given him fawning coverage for years. 

Bernstein noted that the billionaire’s businesses have taken a hit as a result of this election, and suggested a media empire is next in store for the Republican candidate.

“[Are] there going to be remnants of a neo-fascist movement that he leads in this country after this election?” Bernstein asked.

“It’s a dangerous thing,” he added. “We’re in a dangerous place.”

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