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Ben Carson Endorses Trump, Despite What He Sees as Frontrunner's Dual Personality

Trump is very happy to get the endorsement of a man he once compared to a "child molester."

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Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump on Friday morning.

Carson's message of support was characteristically a tad bizarre. He said there are "two Donald Trumps," one who is “very cerebral” and who “considers things carefully,” implying that the other is — well, Donald Trump in all his worst glory. Apparently, Carson is endorsing the first Trump. 

With his endorsement, Carson seems to have forgiven Trump, who during the heat of campaign battle diagnosed the retired doctor with a “pathological temper,” compared Carson to a “child molester,” and made fun of him for being low energy. 

The retired neurosurgeon's support is yet another weak boost to the GOP frontrunner, however small the bump of someone who is, in Stephen Colbert's words on his Tuesday “Late Show,” “bad at murder.” (This was a joke referencing Carson's famous claim that he tried to stab a schoolmate when he was young and then successfully prayed his violent tendencies away.)

Whether Carson will stand with Trump during victory speeches looking as miserable as Chris Christie did remains to be seen.

Watch: Former presidential candidate Ben Carson endorses GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for president:

Jenny Pierson is a managing editor and assistant publisher at AlterNet.

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