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Hillary Clinton May Declassify Government UFO Secrets

This is the first time a presidential candidate has talked about ending the "UFO truth embargo."

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Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, John Podesta, says he has convinced Hillary Clinton to declassify documents and release any evidence the government has related to alien forms of life in outer space.

Podesta, who was also a chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, told CNN that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she’ll take action regarding Area 51 in Nevada. “I think that's a commitment that she intends to keep and that I intend to hold her to," Podesta told CNN.

Area 51 is a remote Air Force test and training range that is the subject of many conspiracy theories, including UFO sightings.

"The U.S. government could do a much better job in answering the quite legitimate questions that people have about what's going on with unidentified aerial phenomena," said Podesta.

Asked about his own beliefs, Podesta simply said: “There are a lot of planets out there,” adding “the American people can handle the truth.”

On the matter of alien visitation, Clinton has previously stated that "I think we may have been [visited already]. We don't know for sure."

In 2014, former president Bill Clinton told late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he wouldn't be surprised if Earth had been visited by aliens, considering the number of planets in the universe and the likelihood that one or more may support life.

However, he said that Area 51 is a stealth technology development center and nothing more. "There are no aliens there," he said. He added that on the anniversary of the supposed 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, he released all the pertinent documentation he could because he understood the popular demand for any information.

Marlena Fitzpatrick García is a writer for AlterNet and Latino Rebels. Follow her @MarlenaFitz

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