Election 2016

Republican Governor's Campaign Photoshops Black Supporter into Picture

His hilarious response: 'All my supporters are photoshopped.'

Republicans have a white christian male problem – in that this is the only demographic they are able to consistently pick up in elections.

Pennsylvania's Republican governor Tom Corbett is in a tough re-election race, and his campaign found an innovative way to try to court a more diverse set of voters – photoshop them into a campaign photo.

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski figured out that the image of a black woman smiling on Corbett's campaign site is a stock image that has been photoshopped into a group photo with the governor:

Compare the photos, from the campaign website and Shutterstock:

Corbett's campaign responded to Buzzfeed by saying all the supporters in the picture are photoshopped – which doesn't exactly help their case that they're a diverse campaign with all sorts of supporters.

Using stock images to bolster the image of diverse support isn't new for the Republicans; earlier this month, Republicans using the hashtag #IamARepublican used a stock image of a black woman, and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal cut a commercial using eight women who weren't even paid actors – 


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