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Bill Maher on GOP Midterm Win: Republicans Had Simple "Screw Obama" Message, No Democrats Defended Him

“Democrats suck, they really do!" Maher said.

Photo Credit: YouTube.com screenshot

Oh his show Real Time this week, Bill Maher sought to tackle exactly why the Democrats did so poorly in the 2014 midterm elections. Maher, along with his guests, which included Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), aired their frustrations with Democrats' strategies and messaging. Maher said bluntly: “Democrats suck, they really do." 

Maher said that Republicans are still resentful that the country elected its first black president, and they led their campaign with a straightforward anti-Obama message. “It was a simple message for a simple people — screw Obama,” Maher said. “And it worked. Because none of the Democrats came out for Obama. ... They treat Obama like a teenager treats his mother: 'I don't really know her.'”

Maher said that none of the Democrats said anything positive about Obama or defended their records. Meanwhile, Republicans, as part of their strategy, just completely left out what they stood for. "The Republicans forgot to tell people about what their principles are," Sanders said. "But it didn't matter!" Maher added.

Watch the video below: 


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