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Maddow: How Romney's Agenda Reeks of Bush-Era Radicalism, Turned Up a Notch (& Romney adds Conspiracy Theorist to His Press Corps)

Rachel Maddow parses the candidate's answer to reveal how Romney is proposing everything W. promised--and more.

During Tuesday's town hall presidential debate, one of the audience members, who identified herself as an undecided voter, pointedly asked Mitt Romney to explain how he would be different from his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush. His answer--as Rachel Maddow brillantly analyzed--is terrifying. Not only is Romney promising all of the same things that George W. Bush promised--including balancing the budget, expanding "free-trade" in Central and South America, and getting the U.S. independent from foreign oil--but he is actually going further right on social issues like Medicare and funding for Planned Parenthood. In his rebuttal, the President highlighted that the differences between the two men are actually further right rather than more centrist: "There are some differences between Gov. Romney and President Bush, but they're not on economic policy. In some ways he's [Romney] gone to a more extreme place on social policy, and I think that's a mistake."

Listen to Maddow explain the scary similarities of what she calls "the Bush-Romney overhang": 


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And Maddow also highlighted a very strange occurrence -- Romney's traveling press corps now includes whacko Birther conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi -- he's a credentialed journalist for the Republican nominee. Jerome Corsi's latest conspiracy theory -- is that Obama is secretly gay and married:

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