Election 2016

Maddow Debunks the Post-Election Myths Spun by Paul Ryan and Other GOP Liars

Watch as she dismisses the GOP's revisionist history.

Last night, Rachel Maddow took on the vast disconnect between what actually happened during the 2012 presidential election and the “things people are saying about the election that are not true, but make people feel better to say them anyway.”

Turns out that the GOP are still telling themselves a whole host of “happy tales,” as Maddow puts it, which fly in the face of the stark realities of the election results.
Watch as she tackles Paul Ryan’s lies about Obama’s popularity in swing states, the claims that Romney fared even worse than McCain in 2008 and the man behind the embarrassingly inaccurate website, unskewedpolls.com
As Maddow puts it: “Telling yourself things about politics to make yourself feel good feels good,” Maddow cautioned. “I understand why people are tempted to do this, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t contrast those happy tales that make us feel good with the the facts of what actually happened. So we can learn from them.”

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