Election 2016

Jon Stewart's Peek Inside Romney's Binder Full of Women

Romney's "binders full of women"--known to any respectful human as a collection of resumes.

During Tuesday's debate, both candidates were eager to acknowledge the existence of half of the voting population--some 150 million-plus people who are for some unknown reason lumped into a group called "women." Romney, however, may have taken his demonstration too far. In an effort to lie about his effort to recruit more women during his time as governor of Mass., Romney boasted of having "binders full of women." The comment quickly made the rounds on social media and in the post-election press, but Jon Stewart couldn't help but take a few swipes of his own at these BFWs--which, as Stewart reminds us, are also known as "binders of broads" and "notebooks of nipples."

Watch the whole segment here.

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