Colleges from the Bronx Same as Harvard, Yale in Lifetime Earnings

What's in a name, anyway?

With the cost of college becoming ever more crippling for both parents and students, a return on collegiate investments seems more pressing than ever. (To quote David Sedaris, “Sallie Mae sounds like a naive and barefoot hillbilly girl, but in fact they are a ruthless and aggressive conglomeration of bullies located in a tall brick building somewhere in Kansas.”) So the news that attending a smaller college—and even a  state school—can net you earnings on par with or above those that result from forking over the funds for an Ivy is good news all around.

Citing a study by the Brookings Institution, the Daily News notes that two Bronx-based colleges—Manhattan College and SUNY Maritime College—rival graduates of Ivies including Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale in earning power a decade after graduation.

Ten years after getting their degrees, SUNY Maritime degree earners generally make about $121,700, compared with $118, 200 for graduates of Harvard, despite costing $43,538 less a year ($17,121 vs. $60,659). Manhattan College alumni pull down around $110,800 about 10 years after commencement. That doesn’t surpass Harvard grads’ salaries, but it does put them in close contention, despite the difference in how the schools’ names are viewed.

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A Daily News graphic displaying earning differences is below. For more on the results of the Brookings Value-Added assessment of colleges around the country, or to check out where your college ranks, go here

(h/t Daily News)

Kali Holloway is a senior writing fellow and the senior director of Make It Right, a project of the Independent Media Institute.