Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren and Michael Moore Invite Entire Nation to a Live Town Hall Meeting on Wealth and Income Inequality

It's a national meeting on the decline of the middle class and rise of oligarchy.

Elizabeth Warren
Photo Credit: AFGE/Flickr CC

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Moore have released a video inviting the entire nation to tune into a live town hall meeting on wealth and income inequality on Monday, March 19, at 7pm EST.

At the town hall, the three will lead a discussion on the "decline of the middle class and rise of oligarchy." 

"We live in the richest country in the history of world, and yet the reality is that most of that wealth is controlled by a tiny little fraction at the top while tens of millions of people live in poverty," Warren says in the video.

The online town hall meeting will discuss the shameful divide that concentrates our nation's wealth at the top of the ladder, in the hands of a small group of billionaires who make up just 1 percent of the population.

The town hall will be streamed live on Bernie Sanders' Facebook page; Moore, Warren and Sanders' websites; and the websites of Now This News, Guardian,, and The Young Turks.

Watch the invitation video above and tune into the live video meeting below at 7pm EST.

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April M. Short is a freelance writer who focuses on health, wellness and social justice. She previously worked as AlterNet's drugs and health editor.