Watch: Colbert Offers Hilarious Warning After Canada Votes to Legalize Marijuana

It's not too late to hesitate.

Stephen Colbert on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Photo Credit: Facebook

Canada officially legalizes weed on October 17, and that's just too darned much for Stephen Colbert.

With a clip that wouldn't have been out of place in his erstwhile incarnation as a deranged right-wing talk show host on the Colbert Report, the Late Show host takes aim at the marijuana menace looming on our northern border.

Replete with ominous Dragnet-style theme music, Colbert's "Reefer Madness Reaches Canada" hopes to scare some sense into innocent Americans enticed by those cosmopolitan Canadians and their wacky weed.

"It may seem tempting to go get high and far out with your moose mates," the narrator warns, but things can get out of hand: "Today, you're taking a toke; tomorrow, you're toting a tuque; the next thing you know, you're mainlining poutine."

And it only goes downhill from there.

Remember: Weed is legal in Canada as of October 17! Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Phillip Smith has been a drug policy journalist for the past two decades. Smith is currently a senior writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute