How an Acid Trip Helped a Young Man with Asperger's (Video)

A young man with the autism spectrum disorder takes a massive dose of LSD and discovers his role in the universe.

Photo Credit: YouTube screen shot

People with Asperger's syndrome already experience the world and their own thoughts somewhat differently than the rest of us. In the video below, Asperger sufferer Cheyenne meticulously documents what happens when he trips brains.

Accompanied by his trip-sitter, Adam, Cheyenne explains at the beginning that he is going to try to see if he can free himself from his ego and shut down the constant internal dialogue he experiences. He takes a rather large dose of LSD—700 micrograms, seven times the amount of a "normal" dose of acid where psychedelic effects become apparent—because he had previously taken 200 micrograms and felt no effects.

He feels it this time, and quickly. He starts getting off within 15 minutes, although it usually takes 30 to 90 minutes to start tripping. Even though things are starting to get weird inside his head, Cheyenne stays calm and happy and manages to communicate his observations in a relatively clear way.

Deeper in the throes of the acid experience, Cheyenne experiences god-like sensations, claiming at one point he created the universe for Adam's yet-to-be conceived son, whom he decides will be named Scott. He also entertains the revelation that there is no such thing as race and that all people come from "pure brown guy energy…it's all about love."

Cheyenne concludes his inner adventure by deciding he's pretty happy with himself. He has come to understand that he's "a total boss" and "100% a good person."

His trip-sitter notes that Cheyenne was able to communicate unusually well while under the influence. Is this because of his Asperger's or because he is a "Jedi juggernaut"? More research will be required. 

Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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