Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Tablets 'Make Partying Great Again'

Oh, the magic of the market.

Donald Trump-shaped Ecstasy tablet
Photo Credit: Dark web screen grab

Ecstasy (MDMA) tablets molded and pressed into the shape of President Donald Trump's face and head have shown up in the United Kingdom. According to reports in British tabloids The Daily Star and The Daily Mail, the pills are manufactured in Amsterdam and then imported to Britain.

The Trumpian tabs are being offered on dark net drug sales websites and are advertised as quite strong, with 220 milligrams of MDMA each. They're going at fire sale prices, with a hundred-lot selling for about $235.

"Quality orange Donald Trump tablets," advertised one site. "Very nice press, really detailed. Comes in the actual shape of the head of the president of the USA."

Another dark net site was offering thousand-lots for around $1,500, or a measly $1.50 a pill.

Its marketing slogan: "Trump makes partying great again." And if that weren't enough, it adds: "These pills will blow your head off."

The tablets are being smuggled to the UK in bulk because "they will sell like hotcakes," according to an "underworld source in Manchester," The Star reported

"There are so many pills about these days with so many different names and brands to attract punters," the source continued. "It’s getting to be a game of ‘who’s got the coolest pill?’ I know for a fact the Donald Trumps are very popular because of who he is. Who’d have thought you can get an E in the shape of the US president? Well you can. And they are here."


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Phillip Smith has been a drug policy journalist for the past two decades. Smith is currently a senior writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute