New Poll Shows 1 in 4 Would Buy Pot If It Were Legal

Legalization would more than double the market.

If marijuana were legal, its market would more than double, according to a new poll.

According to a new Huffington Post/YouGov poll, more than 1 in 4 Americans, or nearly 26%, say that they would buy marijuana on at least “rare occasions” should it become legal in their state. This is compared to the 9% who said they buy it on similarly rare occasions now, as it sits in a federal legal gray zone. According to the poll, the percentage who said they would buy marijuana often if it were legal jumped from 1% to 4%. 

The poll also found that 18% of voters said they would buy marijuana more often than they do now should it become legal—including the 16% who said they never buy marijuana now but might if it were legal. Statistically, respondents under the age of 30 were most likely to say that they would buy marijuana if it were legal (35%), some (16%) because they are already buying it. Among those 65 and older, almost none of whom said they currently buy marijuana, 9% said they would buy it at least occasionally if it were legal. 

Even if legal, marijuana would not be as popular as America's other favorite drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Buyers for both alcohol and tobacco products are general bigger, with 81% of HuffPost poll respondents saying that they have used alcohol in the past, and 61% saying they’ve used cigarettes, while only 41% say they have tried marijuana at all. Of those who have used both, 43% say that if marijuana was legal, they would still buy alcohol more often, with only 23% saying they'd buy booze less. 

Cigarette users, however, seemed more likely to consider buying marijuana over cigarettes should both be legal, by a 37 to 31% margin. 18% of all respondents who admitted they use tobacco products said they would never consider using marijuana. 

Finally, respondents to the poll were divided on the question of how legalizing marijuana would affect its cost. 29% said they thought the price would increase if it were legal, while 25% said they thought the cost would decrease. 15% said they would expect the price to remain about the same. 

Rod Bastanmehr is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @rodb.

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