A New Avenue for Reefer Tourism

Given restrictions on public pot smoking and cannabis social clubs, not to mention hotel "no smoking" policies, what's a reefer tourist to do?

Photo Credit: Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

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Entrepreneurs in Colorado have found a profitable solution to legal technicalities that have make pot tourism problematic. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana back in 2012, but it’s still illegal to smoke weed in public spaces or in bars. It is not illegal to smoke in hotels but most Colorado hotels have a policy against smoking anything, including marijuana.

Enter the bud and breakfast.

Lisa and Joel Schneider, the owners of the Silverthorne B&B, which they purchased in 2014, have taken the initiative of turning their quaint property into a stoner paradise. The Silverthorne features a full weed bar with seven different strainsand over a dozen different pipes to smoke from. The five available guest rooms are naturally named after members of the Grateful Dead.

Joel says he was inspired to start the business by his own paranoia at being forced to blow his own weed smoke into hotel toilets when he was staying in Denver: “I was blowing smoke into the toilet with the shower on, a towel under the door, totally paranoid… It defeated the whole purpose of cannabis, which should be about relaxing and being social.”

“We don’t run a crack house—we’re a high-end establishment,” Joel continues in an interview with The Guardian. “We’re about creating a communal atmosphere where guests come together and all have one common passion: cannabis.”

The Schneiders aren’t licensed to sell marijuana, so they have to run their Bud and Breakfast creatively. They offer free “samples to their guests—as long as they pay from $129 to $249 per night for a room.

So there’s profit to be made for sure—unless the Schneiders find themselves hosting an Olympic-class smoker.


Patrick Hilsman is an associate editor of The Influence. You can follow him on Twitter: @PatrickHilsman.

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