VIDEO: Mexican Pot Smugglers Show How Easy It Is To Beat Trump's Border Wall

The multi-billion dollar border boondoggle can be defeated with medieval siege technology.

Catapult used to deliver marijuana from Mexico into the US. Douglas, Arizona, February 10, 2017
Photo Credit: US Border Patrol

Here's one thing a border wall is good for: serving as mount for drug-launching catapults.

A US Customs and Border Patrol press release last week reported that after Border Patrol agents near Douglas, Arizona, noticed people on the Mexican side fleeing at their approach, they "found a catapult system attached to the south side of the border fence."

It had been used to loft two bundles of weed weighing more than 47 pounds into US territory. (Or perhaps more—it's unclear how long it was in operation.)

The Border Patrol then notified Mexican authorities, who responded to investigate, and Border Patrol agents dismantled the catapult system, turning it over to their Mexican counterparts.

It's not the first time Mexican drug smugglers have resorted to medieval siege machinery to get their goods to market. A similar device made headlines back in 2011 (see video below), and they've also been known to resort to weed-shooting cannons.

But it is a timely reminder of the fundamental futility of attempting to hermetically seal the United States from its neighbor to the south. The joke used to be that if we build a 50-foot fence, the smugglers build a 51-foot ladder. That may have to be updated. 

Here's some marijuana catapult footage from that 2011 incident:

Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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