Marijuana Treats on the Go: Seattle Company Rolls Out First Pot Edibles Food Truck

Just step up to the window and buy a marijuana-laced sandwich or cup of soup.

Photo Credit: CREATISTA/ Shutterstock.com

A food truck out of Seattle is giving new meaning to the foodie phrase “classics with a twist.” The truck is dishing up items like grilled three-cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and truffle popcorn. The twist? They’re made with marijuana.

MagicalButter.com is the purveyor of a nifty gadget for cannabis edibles lovers—the MB2, a fully automated extractor that transfers the active ingredients from the plant into butter, cooking oils, alcohol (for tinctures) or lotions. With the 2012 legalization of marijuana in their company’s home state of Washington and in Colorado (where they debuted their food truck at the Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 19 and 20), MagicalButter.com saw an opportunity to capitalize on both the ever-growing popularity of tasty food trucks and the opportunity to provide high-quality, marijuana-laced food.

The truck’s official name is MagicalButter.com Presents the Food Truck, but the 40-foot-long former school bus has come to be known as the SAMICH Truck (short for Savory Accessible Marijuana-Infused Culinary Happiness). Executive chefs Joey Galleano and Jeremy Cooper are working on setting the menu, which will feature a rotating selection of both THC-laden items (ranging in potency) and drug-free fare. Everything will be made onsite with the MB2, which will also be sold out of the truck.

But even in states where pot is legal, will a roving high-maker fly? According to the company’s press spokesperson, Elyse Bender-Segall, the plan is to work with marijuana-friendly states and local governments to ensure compliance with all ordinances and laws. “We are working out the legalities,” she said, “and until we have an understanding with a municipality, I would like to reserve comment. We want to be an asset to a community, and we need to make sure the local sheriff, the community, and politicians all agree with our business plan.”

If all goes as they hope, MagicalButter.com will soon have a permanent parking spot for the truck in Seattle plus the ability to pull the bus up to various big events around town. (They are developing an app so that people can track it down with ease.) But their vision for the marijuana mobile doesn’t stop there: eventually, they hope to have a fleet of trucks to satiate stoner appetites beyond Seattle’s borders.

“We are trying to create the most unique and delicious culinary experience in the world,” said MagicalButter.com CEO and founder Garyn Angel.

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Elizabeth Limbach is a journalist based in Santa Cruz, California.