Marijuana Munchies: Pot Buyers' 5 Favorite Fast-Food Joints

Where do you head when you've just scored and your stomach is rumbling?

The Golden Arches
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Here's some evidence that pot really does give you the munchies: According to a new study, people who buy marijuana at pot shops head for fast-food joints more often than people who don't. And they have a definite favorite.

In the study, from Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis, 27,500 people from selected metropolitan areas where marijuana is legal responded to an online survey about their pot-buying and fast food consumption habits.

The Green Market Report focuses on cannabis financial and economic information, while Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a Houston-based research firm that tracks the demographics of the marijuana industry.

Almost all of the top 10 fast-food big boys (which doesn't include Big Boy, sorry) saw more visits from pot shoppers, who apparently really crave salty, fatty, taste sensations like Big Macs and Whoppers. And market share in the industry means marker share among pot buyers. One notable exception was the health-conscious Subway, shunned by stoners in search of greasier treats.

Here, according to the study, are the top five pot-buyer fast-food chains, ranked by the percentage of  recent purchasers who visited each in the past month. There is a decided favorite. It should be noted, though, that the second-, third- and fourth-place contenders are so close we might as well call it a three-way tie for second:

  1. McDonald's, 43.4%
  2. Taco Bell, 18.3%
  3. Wendy's, 17.8%
  4. Burger King, 17.6%
  5. Subway, 8.7%

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Phillip Smith has been a drug policy journalist for the past two decades. Smith is currently a senior writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute