Cannabis Ice Cream Is Here to Mellow Out the Family During Thanksgiving

More powerful than pumpkin pie.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Drip Ice Cream

As the holidays approach, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be bringing to the party — whatever party that is. We have the perfect suggestion: cannabis ice cream. It’s a treat the whole family can enjoy, whether they know it or not.

Introducing Drip, a THC-infused ice cream from Portland. The company launched three years ago, before marijuana was even legal in Oregon and now the nation is taking notice.

Mother-daughter team Andi and Kathy Bixel have the honor of masterminding the city’s first canna-ice cream. Mom Kathy makes the ice cream and founder Andi runs the company. Currently, two flavors are on the board: Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream.

Andi Bixel tells Westwood that she operates with the mantra “It’s good to feel good” and that when she started the company, it was strictly medical and a fun passion project.

As to how she keeps up with legislation:

I have to be super involved with the politics and what’s going on. There are so many nuances in the ways the rules were written, I’ve learned that whatever is the harshest way you could interpret the law is the way you need to follow it.

For Andi, Drip is all about experiences, getting people to a place of imagination, creativity and intuition. That’s why she’s in the cannabis business.

Cannabis serves as a tool to get us to these places a bit faster. It opens up a space in our mind where we can shift our perception and play with the concept of reality.

She says Drip is just one way of allowing people to push their boundaries and “new levels of conversation” with other people.

Other business owners often focus on physical and medicinal values only…and I’m like, “What about our SOULS?” There’s some serious soul-work that needs to happen in this time for humanity.

Currently, Drip is on the shelves of more than a dozen retailers throughout Oregon.

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Julien Perry is food and drink editor for The Fresh Toast. She has contributed to Food & Wine, the Food Network and CBS Radio in NYC.