WATCH: Donald Trump Calls Stephen Colbert on the Phone, Gets Applause, Laughs — and Boos

The GOP frontrunner talks Supreme Court, South Carolina and his sailor’s mouth.

Photo Credit: The Late Show/YouTube

"I don't know if you're aware of this, but Donald Trump is running for president on the platform of opening up his mouth and saying things," said "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert. "And one thing that frequently emerges from the Trump hole is the naughty language, the vulgarity, the devil's Saltine."
"Value voters, in South Carolina, do not like the salty talk," Colbert said of his home state. So he decided to set up a call with Trump with suggestions, while the Donald prepares for the GOP primary on February 20. 
"Listen, I gotta make sure this is really you and not someone abusing the Trump phone," Colbert said to Trump. "Say something only Donald Trump would say."
Trump hesitates. "Well, I could say you're fired," he responds.
But Colbert doesn't buy it. 
"I love South Carolina and we're in the midst of a very strong primary season," Trump says. "New Hampshire was terrific and this Saturday they get out and vote, and hopefully they'll be voting for Trump and we're going to make America great again."
Still, Colbert's not so sure. "I can think off of the top of my head three things that you have said on-air that CBS will not let me repeat or they would bleep them," he tells the Donald. 
Says Trump: "Well, I do that for emphasis and I do that non-politically and once I decided to run for office, I said now I'm going to have to stop. [And] these are very minor cases. In many cases I bleep them out myself. [And sometimes] they'll bleep it and people will think I said the word, which is a little deceptive, but that's okay."
"How about every time you say a swear word, you put a billion dollars in there," Colbert suggests. Trump laughs.
Colbert then gets down to discussing the void Scalia has left in the Supreme Court. "If it was the last year of your presidency and you had a vacancy to fill in the Supreme Court, would you allow the Senate to tell you not to do it?"
"Well, the Senate really has a right to do that, especially for this very short period of time," Trump explains.
Colbert is floored. "So you would let someone tell you what to do? This is sounding less like Donald Trump."
Watch the full segment below:

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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