Remarkable Women Are Reshaping the World, and Are Still Practically Anonymous

Trust Docs follows a handful of anonymous trailblazers from across the globe.

Photo Credit: Link TV / YouTube

Every day, working women around the world are breaking new ground in surprising and dangerous fields. In partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, a new Link TV documentary series titled Trust Docs explores some of their vastly underreported stories.

Manju Devi is a new train porter at the Jaipur Junction railway station in India, a country where women are still largely regarded as homemakers. After the death of her husband, the mother of three desperately needed full-time employment in order to provide for her family. She's been on the job for two months. 

"In my village, there is no water," Devi says. "We have no land. We have just a flimsy hut where we stay."

Jaipur Junction employs 200 porters, and Devi is the only woman among them. As a porter, she carries luggage, pulls trolleys and unloads bags.

"Some people think this is a man's job and question how am I doing this job," Devi says. "I know that I don't have any other choice."

The "trust" in Trust Docs refers to Reuters' “trust principles” and "represents a dedication to the truth of the people and situations we are representing," executive producer Liz Mermin told Link TV. "We want people to speak for themselves, and we want to represent the reality of their experience as directly as possible," she added.

Episode 1, "Women's Work," airs Thursday, May 11 on Link TV. 

Watch a clip:

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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