Disturbing: Cops Tase Scared Old Woman to Evict Her (Video)

Just appalling.

Lilly Washington, a Romanian woman who was being evicted from her home--while she tried to appeal the mortgage payment in court--was tasered repeatedly. Here's the news report from the localCBS station, followed by the video of the incident.

The video is hard to watch - Washington, from Romania, the mother of a soldier overseas, getting tased during her eviction.

"I see a uniform and I was so scared so I tried to close the door," Washington said. She said the deputies showed up when she was still in bed and she wanted them to wait so she could change clothes.

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"'No! You have to get out!'" Washington said the deputies told her.

"Ms. Washington refused to leave the house," said MCSO Deputy Chief Paul Chagolla. He said it was up to the two female deputies seen here to get Washington out of the home. The other deputies inside were looking for anyone else who might be in the home, like Washington's son. And the deputies outside were securing the perimeter.

"They did deploy a Taser, it did not have an effect as you saw in the video," Chagolla said. He said the deputy used a drive-stun technique, which gives out an electric current. Chagolla said one five-second current was given first, followed by subsequent currents.

The comments below the article are revelatory about the psychic split in American politics, with some calling the woman a freeloading Democrat, while others vigorously question why the law enforcement would act as proxy for banks in evicting this woman--who now lives in her van.


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