What's Your State's Favorite F**king Expletive?

Linguist finds curse word clusters in different regions.

Cursing is an almost universal pleasure. Why else would so many people learn the curse and slang words in different languages before learning any other phrases? But as U.K. linguist Jack Grieve recently found out, in the U.S., the way you curse depends on where you live. Some of the results of Grieve's regional analysis:

East and West coasters (and South Texans and South Floridians), if you want to blend in down south or in the midwest, don't drop the f-bomb so much. People on all coasts make much more, errr, liberal of the word "fuck." (They also tend to say variations like "motherfucker" and the relative newcomer "fuckboy" more.)

"Assholes," or the people who call them that, are mostly highly concentrated in the Northeast.

But the real bastards are in Maine and New Hampshire.

All those people who called everyone a "douche" in high school and college? They moved to the northern midwest.

Lest you think the South is a place where manners are better and language less colorful, think again. Hell, damn and bitch are especially popular in the South and southeast. 

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