WATCH: Jon Stewart Mercilessly Mocks Bill O'Reilly's Obsession with Beyonce

Maybe it provides "his elderly viewership with disapproval boners."

Photo Credit: screengrab via Comedy Central

Jon Stewart mercilessly mocked Bill O'Reilly for his near constant obsession with Beyonce, and how she signals the decline of western civilization. Of course, as Stewart says, there are few things he enjoys more that "making fun of William O'Reilly." But why, the Daily Show host asks, does O'Reilly talk so much about the deplorable singer's evil effect on young people, and show clips of her writhing around and acting all sexy? "To provide his elderly viewrship with disapproval boners," Stewart suggests.

Take the song featuring Beyonce having sex with JayZ in a limo. That floors O'Reilly. But, as Stewart points out, the video features married people with a child, who are both very successful entrepreneurs engaging in the sacrament of marital sex in the back of a luxury car. What could be more conservative than that?

But the real problem, O'Reilly says, is that Beyonce is, of course, black, and so is contributing to teen pregnancy among young women of color. Sure, that number has been declining in recent years, but Beyonce's album just dropped last November. Give it time. Could be a baby boom coming.

Watch (via Hulu):


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