WATCH: Jon Stewart Hilariously Mocks Confused Christian Critics of 'Noah'

No, it's not a documentary, and no, everyone does not live happily ever after!

Jon Stewart did not really talk about whether or not he thought the top-grossing action flick "Noah" is a good movie or not last night. But he did point out that despite a lot of clamoring and complaining among Christian kooks that Hollywood just does not "churn out" enough religious movies, they are still not happy with "Noah." What gives?

One genius pointed out that the movie is "not a documentary." 

"Really?" Stewart retorted. "So you're telling me a movie about a man who lives to 950 and loads two of every animal into a 300-cubit long boat . . . is not a documentary?"

Other complaints from pundits who have not seen the movie—and so don't really know what they are talking about— include that there is no mention of God, and that the dark side of Noah is shown. Stewart points out the Genesis chapter where it says that Noah drank and became angry. Finally, one idiot mouthpiece talked about the children's version of Noah that she read, and prefers—the one where "everyone lived happily after."

Think she mght have missed the point?

Back to your bibles people.

Watch Stewart's takedown:


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