How Prince Transformed People's Lives Beyond His Music

Van Jones explained on CNN last night how Prince secretly devoted his energies to improving the lives of others.

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Prince was not only an incredible musician, but a humanitarian, as Van Jones told CNN's Don Lemon:
[Prince] was a Jehovah's Witness, so he was not allowed to speak publicly about any of his good acts, but I was one of the people in his life who helped him with all of that. He helped to create Yes We Code, which now has 15 major technology companies working with kids in the 'hood, getting them ready to have jobs in Silicon Valley. That was Prince. He worked for something called Green for All. I was the public face of that, but he helped put the money in. There are people who have solar panels on their houses now in Oakland, California, that don’t know Prince paid for [them]. 
And Prince was there for his friends, for the good and the bad.
“I’ll never forget, I was in a plane that landed and my phone rings and it’s Prince," Van Jones said. According to Jones: 
[Prince] had found out that Lauryn [Hill] had gotten in some trouble and the first thing he wanted to know was, ‘where are her kids and what can we do to help.’ This is just how he was. I guarantee you, anybody struggling, anywhere in the world, he was sending checks, he was making phone calls. But he did not want it to be known publicly and he did not want us to say it. But I’m going to say it, because the world needs to know that it was’t just the music. The music was one way he tried to help the world, but he was helping every single day of his life.
Watch the clip in its entirety below:

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