DJ Khaled, Major Hip Hop Artist with Millions of Fans and Followers, Endorses Hillary Clinton

Khaled told Katie Couric his key issue was inequality.

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In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo Global News on Friday, hip-hop hitmaker/mogul, Snapchat icon and living breathing internet meme DJ Khaled endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election. DJ Khaled has what Couric called a "huge" following of over 7 million followers on Snapchat.

Khaled, an American Muslim whose family immigrated from Palestine to New Orleans, called out Donald Trump as the candidate of “they,” or those who “don’t want you to win… don’t want you to progress… didn’t want you to prosper,” and indicated that he will “not vote for [Trump]” and will “definitely” vote for Clinton. “The key,” he advised the young people who follow him, “is to stay away from ‘they’” and “to vote to put the people in power that we want to represent us.” For Khaled and for those who share his interest in personal success, opportunity and prosperity, that means Hillary Clinton.

Khaled, who owns hip-hop label We The Best and whose recently released ninth studio album, Major Key, is currently sitting pretty at number six in the Billboard charts, is as well known for his Snapchat profile as for such hits as “All I Do Is Win,” “I’m On One” and the Drake-featuring “For Free” off the current album. Khaled’s Snapchat account features amusing incidents from his personal life, such as a story about getting lost on a jet ski as well as his meme-worthy personal phraseology and success tips, or “major key” alerts.

Khaled says he is motivated by inequality because, as he tells Couric, " I feel they hid the keys from me when I was coming up."

Khaled joins a laundry list of celebrities such as Lena Dunham, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, and Will Smith, who have endorsed Clinton for the presidency or even threatened to move to Canada if Trump is elected.

The full interview covers a range of topics including a breakdown of several of his best Khaled-isms, his new album and his tour supporting it with Beyonce. Watch the entire interview below:



Peter Menniti is a music industry professional and writer. Follow him on Twitter at @petermrecords.

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