Colbert, Stewart Skewer Paul Ryan's Soup Kitchen Fake Photo-Op

Only Paul Ryan's team could make volunteering at a homeless shelter look bad.

Both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart had plenty to say last night about Paul Ryan's staged photo opat the soup kitchen that actually was closed, and unhappy with his visit.

Stewart was pretty shocked that the Ryan team managed to make volunteering at a homeless shelter look bad. He tried to get the story straight: "You BROKE into a homeless shelter to take a picture of you maybe or maybe not washing people's dishes?" Stewart asked.


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Colbert's take, of course, was somewhat wryer. This whole escapade may seem pointless, said Colbert to his audience, but "remember: he's running for Vice-President."

As for Romney, his version of a "soup kitchen" must be the special kitchen in his house devoted solely to making soup, Colbert quipped. He then launched into a spoof of online charity appeals that is too good to spoil. Watch below.

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